Who we are

Nick and Steve

Nick and Steve with an early prototype hack

Meet Nick and Steve; the guys behind SN-Designs.

SN designs was formed to manufacture BMX sidehacks for racing.
The initial idea of producing sidecars for transport was replaced with the idea of racing them, once they had been tried on the track. The product idea gained more momentum after we discovered the history of the sport of sidehacking and the fun that it creates.

Nick and Steve both come from a professional mechanical engineering background and share a common interest in cycling.

Nick is the front man of the business, if you ring the workshop you will speak to Nick. He works with suppliers for parts and materials, he takes orders, answers emails, maintains accounts and sweeps the floor.

Steve works in the background doing the design work in 3D CAD, developing concepts for one-off products and driving the works van.

When it comes to the actual build of Rattlebones, both Nick and Steve are involved in the manufacture. Parts are cut and formed against jigs before being welded in place to suit measurements given by the customer. Sidehacks are made to order, allowing us to work closely with the customer which is something we enjoy.

Outside of work Nick is a sportsman and keen road cyclist, he enjoys the competition of biathlons and marathon events.
Steve commutes by bike and can often be seen out and about on a Rattlebone running errands or doing the school run.

“The Rattlebone project has given us the chance to get involved with the BMX scene. We have great enthusiasm for BMX riding and immense respect for the folks that blast these little bikes round the tracks. We enjoy mixing with the BMX crowd and have had some greats times developing and testing our products at the local tracks.”If you have a question about sidehacks or would like a custom build of some kind then we would be more than happy to talk to you. Please contact us.

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