Rattlebone Kit

Rattlebone Kit Parts

Rattlebone Kit Parts

We are now offering the Rattlebone plate parts as a kit for the self-builder. Other benefits to this scheme are a cheaper overall cost to the customer, much lower shipping costs and the option to build your hack how you want it.

You’ll need some welding skills and a method for bending some tube; but aside from that you can build you own Rattlebone using your BMX bike as a guide, with just some basic tools. We provide everything else including detailed drawings for the parts you need to make, and those all important laser cut plate parts.

If you get stuck – just get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Kits cost is £85.00**

** All the parts for this latest batch have now been used up.

If you would like a Sidehack the please email us to register your interest. If we get enough interest we can build another batch.

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