Where did the idea for a Sidehack come from ?
Fitting a Sidehack to your BMX is not a new idea, it was a popular racing medium in the USA during the BMX heydays of the ‘70s and ‘80s. However it never really took off in the UK mostly due to a lack of supplied commercial frames and parts, meaning only DIY hacks were ever seen at the track.

What product are SN-Designs selling ?
We have designed and are making bolt on Sidehacks for BMX bikes, the product is called ‘The Rattlebone’. It is not a retro copy of 1980’s hacks but a freshly designed version, designed for today’s bikes and tracks. The key factors are strength, speed and costs and the Rattlebone tackles these concerns head on. The frame is made from carbon steel, seam welded and cross braced for strength. Particular attention has been given to balance and tracking of the Sidehack to ensure that it rolls efficiently alongside the bike, a lot of energy can be wasted by a “scrubbing” tyre.

How does the hack attach to the bike ?
BMX Frame geometry has changed a lot over the years and so what used to fit the majority of BMX frames no longer works, this is the reason many U.S. suppliers now only supply the Sidehack welded to a bike. The Rattlebone concept is designed to be as universal as possible. Having a bolt on version has significant advantages in terms of transportation, storage and flexibility. It allows a rider to own a single racing bike and to compete in both solo and Sidehack racing.

So will it fit any bike ?
It’s supposed to !! but we like to talk to each customer and understand their frame geometry, then we can work with them to ensure the Sidehack is a good fit. All Rattlebones have the same fittings to attach to the frame, but some are made slightly longer as required.

Have you tried it ?
Yes we’ve ridden them, and the riders at our local track have tried them too. We have received good feedback and our MKIII design is performing well. All the riders loved the idea of racing in teams.

Where can I get one ?
Get in touch with us at www.sn-designs.co.uk or on the phone. The website contains lots of photographs and videos to give you a good idea what it’s like. There is also a blog so you can see which race meetings we are attending in case you want to try it out before you buy one.

How much are they ?
We offer three options to purchase. You can have a Sidehack, a Sidehack with a bike, or even just an unpainted frame to finish yourself. All the prices are on the website and start from £115.00

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