One of our sidehacks appeared on the terrific ‘A League of Their Own’ game show.
A UK celebrity sports quiz show.
See the clip below :

Video showing early track test of the MKI Rattlebone Sidehack.

First Rattlebone Race.
Two hacks head-to-head.

First ever sidehack jump at NASS 2011.
Thanks to Matt Godwin and Michal Soltisik for taking up the challenge, heroic effort guys.

Diesel City Hackers take their Hack on the track.

DC Hackers again showing how to take a fast corner.

The local Ashton Brothers perfect some sidehack stunts – nice one.

More from SwagHack productions. Ashton boys doing some track time.

The video below shows the assembly steps and how to adjust the bike for any lean.

Assembly of the Rattlebone Sidehack

Any questions then just let us know.

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